In every generation since the Church was founded by the Lord Jesus Christ, Christians were always called upon to stand up for and proclaim the Kingdom of God.  Pastors Moses and Hassana Gago founded the Finger of God Goodnews Ministry headquartered in Carson, California, US with the vision to Raise Up the Standard of Our Lord Jesus Christ in our Generation and Time by:

(i) Calling the world to the cross of Jesus Christ, through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel, to come and know the truth and fullness of the love of God who has reconciled us to Himself by the death of His Son Jesus Christ; and

(ii) Equipping the Saints of God, who should not only believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, but:


  • Grow up unto maturity in His image;

  • Be empowered as men and women of God to be who they can be in Christ Jesus;

  • Stand firm and not be tossed to and fro in the faith;

  • Walk in the transformational power of the Lord Jesus;

  • Exercise the gifts of the Spirit;

  • Learn the secret of praise and worship; and

  • Serve humanity through the ministry of helps, mercy, and compassion to the poor, homeless, widows, orphans, and the oppressed. 


Raising up the standard or banner of the Lord by the Finger of God indicates that wherever the Gospel is preached in its fullness and purity, with integrity, then the power of God is released, people are drawn to the cross of Jesus Christ, their lives are translated from the power of darkness to the Kingdom of the light of God when they receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and only then does God rule over their lives as King.  Raising up the standard therefore is about letting the light of God come to and translate the life of an individual, community, nation or people. 

Knowing and understanding that the Gospel is alive because it is established by, and dependent on, the living Savior Jesus Christ, it is a force that is unparalleled in power:


  • To transform every life - so as not to conform to the world.

  • To translate every heart - so as to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

  • To transmute a person's nature - so as to be set free from spiritual bondage.

  • To restore joy to the brokenhearted - so as to be mended and strengthened.

  • To reform the down-trodden - so as to be rehabilitated again.

  • To regenerate the dead spirit - so as to live again.

  • To heal the sick - so as to live healthy.

  • To break the stony heart - so as to be tender-hearted and serve the Lord Jesus.


The anointing of the Holy Spirit is not given so we can establish a religion in our Church buildings, but for believers to crash out into the streets to make disciples for Jesus Christ (Luke 4:18).  God designed salvation to be simple and not complex, and that we preach His message of the cross of Jesus without adulteration, wherever the opportunity arises.